Manitowoc, WI

Well, we're in... but how the Hell are we Gonna get Back??Name(s):
Mid-Cities Mall; renamed Lakeview Centre in the mid-1980s
(A.K.A.: “Pepto Bis-Mall”)

828 Memorial Drive (JCPenney)

Years Active:
1968-2000; JCPenney until 2011

Two-anchor enclosed shopping center built in the ’60s along Lake Michigan, midway between Manitowoc and Two Rivers. Lost Montgomery Ward in the 1983. Mall was renovated, painted a gaudy pink, and renamed sometime later, but never fully recovered. Mall interior was shuttered in 2000, JCPenney stuck around another decade before closing. Briefly explored mere hours after JCPenney closed.

Status: DEMOLISHED in 2015

Article: No

Flickr set: 1/20/2011

Video: Mid-Cities Mall

Loot: Neon tubes from the interior “Penneys” sign; Lakeview Centre pin buttons.