Meet your friendly neighborhood photo hobo – take home a cool, one-of-one piece of art – and support the [jonrevProjects] at our exhibits at these fine art venues and events! You might learn something, too…

ArtWauk – Waukegan, ILL

31959989100_77e1241b5aTHE DARKROOM at KARCHER 405
405 Washington Street – Waukegan, IL
Every third-Saturday of the month
5pm – 10pm . Free admission. Free parking.

[jonrevProjects] returns to historic Karcher 405 with a new gallery-in-gallery experience featuring weird exhibits in local history, loads of new prints, the finest in wasted Polaroids and more! Each print featured is a one-of-one edition… meaning what you see here will not be made again once sold!

Available prints include work from:
Dixie Square Mall, abandoned Gary, abandoned Chicago, Retail, Waukegan (abandoned & not), Relics, Polaroid & Motoring.

Located in the lounge of the historic Karcher 405 Gallery, every third Saturday of the month. Cash, check, plastic, Paypal all accepted on-site.


12×18″ framed, matted: $100 ea.
Older 12×18″ framed (not matted): $60 ea.

POLAROID 12×12″/12×15″ framed, matted: $100 ea.
(Enlarged from SX-70/600-type instant prints; 12×15″ based on Spectra-type)

POLAROID 8×10″ framed: $20 ea.
(Enlarged from peel-apart packfilm instant prints)

The Darkroom at Karcher 405

Past Exhibits:


Explore LOST WAUKEGANKarcher 405 Gallery
405 Washington Street – Waukegan, IL
A [jonrevProject], curated by Nicole Romany
November 21, 2015; December 19, 2015


A cooperative effort between the [jonrevProjects], resident-artists of the Karcher Artspace Lofts, and the Waukegan History Museum honoring the legacy of the F. Sauter Building, which stood at 37 S. Genesee Street in downtown Waukegan from 1894-2014; and was home to Stern’s Store for Men from 1912-2010.

Works featured include:
-Photography, research, and recovered artifacts by the [jonrevProjects] from the infiltration of Stern’s and the Sauter Apartments in 2012 and 2014, respectively.
-Paintings of the Sauter Block by Cesar Rea
-Painting and prints of the Sauter Block by Myrna Magliulo
-Prints and words by William Coleman
-Artifacts from Stern’s and the Sauter Block on loan courtesy of the Waukegan History Museum

See the Sauter/Stern’s Building as Never Before!
Waukegan offers weekend entertainment for those skipping ‘Star Wars’
Local talent displayed at Holiday Wauk – Second showing of Lost Waukegan