Dixie Square Mall

Misty Green and BlueAKA:
Dixie Mall (renamed in 1975)

15201 Dixie Highway
Harvey, IL 60426

Years Active:
Wards opened in 1965
Mall opened in 1966
Totally closed by 1979

The world’s first and most-famous/infamous “dead mall”. 800,000 square-foot enclosed shopping center with three anchors and two sub-anchors. Plagued by violent crime throughout the 1970s and shuttered in 1978, with the last stores gone early in the following year. Interior destroyed and never repaired in mid-1979 when a car chase for The Blues Brothers was filmed both around and in the mall – which had been “dressed up” to appear open for the movie. Ravaged by scrappers and vandals over the following decades, sold and partially-demolished in 2005/2006, and finally finished-off in 2012.

Status: DEMOLISHED 2012

Article: No

Flickr sets: Ghost Mall series

Video: Dixie Square Mall series

Loot: 1965 construction photos, letters to & from a purse-snatching victim, BankAmericard sticker from TurnStyle, site plans and blueprints, management documents, Thom McAn neon sign and countless other artifacts I’ve not yet published.

Other: Paul McVay’s DIXIE SQUARE Timeline (1961-2006)