Dixie Square Mall

Misty Green and BlueAKA:
Dixie Mall (renamed in 1975)

15201 Dixie Highway
Harvey, IL 60426

Years Active:
Wards opened in 1965
Mall opened in 1966
Totally closed by 1979

Patient-zero for the dead mall phenomena, and quite possibly the most famous/infamous example of one. 800,000 square-foot enclosed shopping center with three anchors, two sub-anchors, and around 70 in-line stores. The mall was plagued by violent crime throughout the 1970s as the working-class city of Harvey fell into severe economic decline, and shuttered in 1978 with the last stores gone early in the following year. The interior was destroyed and never repaired in mid-1979, when a car chase for The Blues Brothers was filmed both around and in the mall – which had been “dressed up” to appear open for the movie. Ravaged by scrappers and vandals over the following decades, sold and partially-demolished in 2005/2006, and finally finished-off in 2012.

Status: DEMOLISHED 2012

Article: No

Flickr sets: Ghost Mall series

Video: Dixie Square Mall series

Loot: 1965 construction photos, letters to & from a purse-snatching victim, BankAmericard sticker from TurnStyle, site plans and blueprints, management documents, Thom McAn neon sign and countless other artifacts I’ve not yet published.

Other: Paul McVay’s DIXIE SQUARE Timeline (1961-2006)