Your friendly neighborhood serial trespasser.

Because I can.
Because it’s cheap.
Because it’s educational.
Because it’s fun, dammit.

Is this legal?
Short version: no. We do sometimes get permission, but it’s rare.

What’s with the Max Headroom mask?
Erm… personal hero.

-Don’t try this if you don’t use your brain. Seriously, the risk usually isn’t worth that lame #selfie.
-Use a real flashlight, not your phone with 12% battery.
-Bring spare batteries.
-Bring more spare batteries.
-If the air quality sucks, get a mask or don’t breathe it. Fungus in your lungus no-good.
-Asbestos… it’s usually grey and very fibrous. Don’t disturb it and you’ll be fine.
-Don’t wear your three year-old shredded Vans or Converse, really they’re like magnets to every rusty nail and stray glass shard one can find. Boots, steel-toe, steel shank if you can… don’t get cheap Kmart crap.
-Camera’s optional, but bring it if that’s your thing.
-Don’t bring anything that screams “burglary tools”; see below regarding entry…
-Don’t be a dick.
-Don’t get caught.

No, I meant tips for locations.
1060 W. Addison.

You dick. At least tell me how to find these places?
They’re everywhere, just have to look while going about your life. Fart around on Google Maps for a few hours – the imagery may not be the most up to date, but Earth and StreetView can’t be beat for armchair/shitter scouting. Industrial sites were often built along bodies of water and rail lines back in the day – learn your city’s commuter rail system and ride around, almost guarantee you’ll see something. Rural spots are going to be more spur-of-the-moment but they’re out there. Networking with other reprobates does help; but all the smart ones are tight-lipped around new people.

It’s (probably) not that we hate you – but the reason we’ll give you the address to a certain ballpark if you ask for locations is because too often the right info was given to the wrong idiot who got the place sealed or destroyed. We publish addresses on this site only when a spot has been torn down or I’ve personally verified that it has been sealed. This is a hobby based 110% on smarts and trust, which is earned over time and experience – not by Instasham DM’s.

How do you get in?
Find a way. Do not break-and-enter (B&E is a felony and a whole different can of worms* from a trespassing ticket), but in many cases: if a place has been abandoned long enough, chances are someone’s already made an entry point. If it’s not obvious, there are other telltale signs that suggest a spot’s doable. Get creative, if nothing else. Sometimes you can track down a property owner, and in many cases we’ve gained legal access by explaining our interests in preservation and documenting the place for posterity. Be prepared to sign your life away with an insurance waiver, in this scenario.

*jonrev is NOT a lawyer… take this advice and make your own judgement calls before doing anything. Don’t sue me.

Have you been caught?
Yes, many times. Never arrested.

How do you deal with confrontations by cops/security/crackheads/bums/etc.?
Cops/security/property owners: respect goes a long way. Don’t be an idiot and say/do something dumb that makes things 10x harder for them and yourself. Really, that’s all I can give you for the best odds at walking out free.

Junkies, meth heads, etc.: use discretion. Some advise carrying a pack of smokes to offer as a friendly gesture. Junkies that are high can be unpredictable, do not make sudden movements that might set them off. Squat spots and hobos: be respectful, make sure they know you’re not there to mess with their stuff. Offer a smoke from your handy pack. If you encounter an active meth lab: fuck that noise and GTFO!! Meth cooks will chase and kill you to protect the lab, and cops won’t find your body for a long, long time.

What happened to “take only pictures, leave only footprints”, you fuckin’ thief??
“Help, police… someone’s stealing garbage.” Our society becoming so overly-wasteful is what happened. There’s no reason something historic, useful or just plain cool should – in the name of some dipshit’s self-righteous bylaws – be left for sacrifice to the bulldozer gods, or dumped in a landfill when a historical society (or I) may have a use for it. If we can do things ethically we will, but often times: if I shoots, I loots.

What do you shoot with? Can you help me take better pictures?
Read this.

Did you go to school for any of this?
Nope. Strong reader in youth, C-student in high school who graduated at the peak of the Great Recession and decided eternal slavery to a student loan debt wasn’t an ideal living. I taught myself all of my photojojo via the internet, years of trial and error, and farting around with instant film. All of my research is compiled from free newspaper and historical society archives that I can access either locally from home, or at my town’s library.

Can I have your babies?
That depends. Applications will be assessed on an individual basis.

I’m a model; will you take me to, and shoot me in those places?

We’re looking for a cool bando to do [insert activity/production here], do you know of anything?
1060 W. Addison

Will you shoot my car/building for sale/cat(s)/anything not involving people?

Why don’t you shoot people?
Murder is illegal.

But seriously, remember when Sears had those portrait studios? Nightmare-inducing stuff…

I’m an editor for CNNowBuzzViceNet.com and we’re doing a story/slideshow on [thing], may we use your work for free so that we can make bank off the ad revenue? We’ll give you credit… tasty, tasty, tasty credit.
You’re the reason I use ad blockers. Piss off, vulture.

I’m writing for a nonprofit/zine/small blog/school presentation on [thing], may I use your work for one of the aforementioned?
THIS… probably. Hit me up on the Contact page and let’s work something out.

Are you cool irl?