About jonrev.com

Our mission is to preserve & educate… by whatever means necessary.

After years of using Flickr as means of presentation: this blog – a dumping ground for my demented history lessons and other irreverent nonsense – was launched in late 2014 and serves-up a regular dose of abandoned buildings, weird local (i.e.: Chicagoland) history, relics salvaged from the aforementioned, commentary on the disgusting state of “urbex culture”, and graffiti/street art documentation. Side-effects include ramblings about retail history, motoring, amusement park travels, instant film exploits and whatever I otherwise see fit. In other words… I don’t write clickbait.

Print inquiries or general questions/comments: please use the website’s Contact form. All prints are produced on a 1/1 basis, assembled, and sold first-hand directly by the artist.

All content on this site is copyright JRP unless otherwise noted.


jonrev has his reasons to thank and/or credit the following individuals and groups:
Richard Nickel; Robert Ballard; Deadmalls.comChuck Janda; Paul McVay; Michael Brown; Nicole Yugovich; Andrew Turnbull; Eric Fleck; Dave AldrichBrian Ulrich; Ben Schmitt; Zach Lewis; Jerome Tomlinson; Gerald Cook, Bob Pataky & the Mis-Shifts Car Club; David Motley, William Gardner, Artspace, Inc., Evelyn Larsen-Ford, Eric Marston, Austin Cantu, Ann Rubo and the rest of the city of Waukegan; the Waukegan Historical Society; Gina SchaeferCharlotte Renehan; Nick Brnot; the LTV Squad (whom much of this website was patterned after), and everyone who trusted my work wouldn’t suck.