Ohio Neon

From a recent venture to the Dayton-Cincinnati, Ohio area. All taken with a Polaroid SLR-680 SE on current-generation Color 600 film. I’ve had much difficulty with Polaroid Originals’ film chemistry since their changeover from The Impossible Project nearly two years ago, however this happened to be a rare, reasonably-good pack with decent contrast and no blatant opacifier failures.

Spencer GiftsNeon-clad, 80s-vintage Spencer Gifts storefronts are an increasingly-rare sight usually reserved for ailing malls. This one is at the Upper Valley Mall in Springfield — a suburb of Dayton. Unfortunately this incredibly-vintage mall very-much falls into that category, with all of its anchor stores either vacant or in the process of clearing-out. The mall is said to be repurposed into a sports complex in the near-future.

GO -> GUGreat SignI cheated in finding these two, they reside at the incredible American Sign Museum on the north side of Cincinnati. The GO and half of a Gulf Oil sign can be seen for a $15 admission and is only a taste of what else lurks inside, however the classic Holiday Inn Great Sign – originally from a Las Vegas hotel – is the first item that beckons museum-goers from the parking lot. The starburst topper is, however, missing from this example — one of only a handful remaining.

Gilmore Bowling

Hit the brakes for this bowling center in the Cincinnati-suburb of Fairfield, near the crossroads of Dixie Highway and Gilmore Rd. The sign is a glowing relic, however the center itself doesn’t match once-inside (points for wood lanes, though). I came up empty for the exact age of this sign, but found the location is infamous as the vanishing point of a cold case victim in ’97.

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