Lake & Ogden

Lake & Ogden

Vacant building that was home to the La Luce’ Italian restaurant for 27 years — a 2016 victim of gentrification. Michael Jordan apparently once had an office here, being just blocks north of the United Center.

Built in 1892, of Queen Anne architecture, this unusually-narrow stone and red brick building sports ornate copper-cladding on its corner turret and bay window that are personally reminiscent of the late-Sauter Building in Waukegan. On the east side, a faded Schlitz Beer ghost sign barely clings to the edge of obscurity.

The building was slated for demolition in 2016, but presently stands with power still on and its fate up in the air, while its remaining contents were auctioned last year.

I spent part of a sleepless night with the film camera, here, last weekend — this was the only digital shot the night produced. It’s a difficult building to shoot with the L and a billboard in the way, and the drunken nightclub nearby, letting out around 3:30am, didn’t help.

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