Ran When Parked

Toyota Corolla E20Tucked and sealed-away in one of Chicago’s last abandoned industrial giants is what remains of someone’s baby. Here we have a well-thrashed E20-model Toyota Corolla, built sometime in the ’70s, that between our two trips, here: someone went full-on Victory Auto Wreckers and yanked the driver door off. Opening the hood (crowned by a crudely-fabricated scoop) revealed a clearly built, albeit well picked-over motor. Most of the interior parts had already been looted, as well.

"That Old Car Is Worth Money..."Originally built as a massive radio and television plant: the gutted shell was ultimately carved up both for storage and use by a number of local businesses. One of which – this one – was an auto shop that resembled a chop shop more than anything, after also leaving random cosmetic parts and a minefield of tires strewn about.

Today the factory serves as a tomb for this vintage JDM — locked-down hard after a string of newsworthy fires set last year got the city’s attention. Eventually the bulldozers (or another firebug) will come for the place; and for the car, a tow truck driver with hopefully a little more than a few Jacksons in-hand for whoever calls 860-2000.

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