Polaroid Week – Spring ’17

The first Polaroid Week of the year is just another week… lately I’ve actually been carrying an instant camera for everyday use and snapshots, and only breaking the digital out for explores and dedicated shoots.

The week started with a preview weekend at Six Flags Great America. I finally burned-off some year-old Impossible SX-70 stuff – one of which turned out fine. The Supermannequin is on the current stock. The development times are considerably faster on the new film, but I’m not yet sold on the color rendition compared to last year’s. I imagine this stuff will, however, really shine in bright sunlight.12:27 SupermannequinMonday I rode out to McHenry for business and to raid the local record store. For whatever reason, the owner had to close for a half-hour, so I drove around looking for a subject. I brought my 250 Land Camera and some long-expired ID-UV that I scored on eBay late last year, with the intention of shooting an abandoned sign for the still-open Outdoor Theater on the east side of town. However, it turns out that sign’s now gone.

Eventually I found the local roller rink and shot their sign, instead. This stuff’s from 2008 and the chemicals are starting to dry up, but this happened to be a happy case where the spread failure (white cone at 9:00) works with the image, rather than ruins it.
Just For FunThe remaining SX-70 shots were burned at my regular job. When you work shitty hours most of the week, you kind of look for and take whatever photo opportunities you can. Ms. Pac-Man was with my Alpha, and the lockers were with a Sonar.
The Ms. Protect Your BallsI had more photos in mind for the week, but wound-up distracted in the second-half. Until October…

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