People of the Damen Silos

A.K.A.: “Why the Silos Have Security”

Some observations from my last venture to one of Chicago’s most popular spots. Back in 2012, you were lucky to maybe run into an angry bum, squatter, or a stray tagger. Summer of 2016? Cops must have run out of fucks to give, because the place was an utter zoo on both occasions we visited… graffiti artists, model shoots, family riding around on ATV’s and setting off mortars in broad daylight, cars parked everywhere (myself included), and people, people, people in literally every nook and cranny of the place… mostly bored college and suburban kids. Not getting photobombed by someone or their car was absolutely impossible.

But it made for a hell of a peoplewatching spot…
People of the Damen SilosModestPeople of the Damen Silos

Recent reports say there’s a lazy security car parked at the gate, now… not that it’s stopped anyone taking the back way in. It’s not clear why, but we’re guessing either filming is about to take place or the State of Illinois finally dumped this property.

Kinda thwarts my idea of starting and parking a food truck, here… couple summers worth of hungry Instagram explorers and I could’ve retired early.


  1. There’s 24/7 security because someone was killed at the silos, and the family tried to sue the state. They fell from the inside towers. There’s also been at least 2 fires that summer, so. As well as a CPD helicopter rescue.


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