Dumped Truck

I picked up a Minolta Instant Pro sometime last year; an advanced version of the Polaroid Spectra System. I really should use it more often so I can give it a proper review…Dumped Truck

Minolta Instant Pro // Impossible Color for Spectra (expired Gen-2 produced 10/2015)

Taken under nothing but moonlight. AF on, flash off. I metered this at ISO640 and f/10 which calculated a four-minute exposure, but that turned out too dark. We’re balls-deep into reciprocity failure for Impossible film as it is, here. I gave it a second go with a six-minute exposure and tossed some red light in. Much better.

You can program the camera for an exposure up to two-minutes at a time, so to hit six minutes I programmed it to expose a single image three times in two-minute bursts (physically hitting the shutter button each time) before ejecting the film. The first shot was only two bursts. Between exposure bursts, I moved the light – an ordinary, el-cheapo LED torch with a red light – between the roof and the cab to achieve the red effect.

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