The Smell of Commerce in the Morning

TL;DR: additional flicks that weren’t needed for “That Kid is Back On The Escalator, Again!“. We’ll hopefully have a Phase III for that project next Spring. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the mall while it was still pretty clean…

Carson’s wingPiles & TribulationsWatch Me BleedWho's the Champ, Now? City WearCart of Glass Bixby SnyderDairy Quit Pot o' PlasticBroken Window TheorySnoochie BoochiesThe Downward Spiral

Wards winglmcensoredSource Not Found Diamonds are FiniteGhetto Ass ParadiseSbarrohgodworstpizzaeverKevorkian Kiosk

Store interiorsGreen BenchWaldin JewelersCity Where?Sale Ends When the Fat Lady Sings Regis Philbin


Old Center
Polaroid 195 // FP-3000B
If You're So Smart...
Polaroid 195 // FP-3000B
Fear and Respect That Escalator
Polaroid 195 // FP-3000B
All Our Sales are Secret Sales
Polaroid SX-70 Alpha 1 // Impossible Color for SX-70 (expired)

Ghost of Sears’ futureGhost of Sears' Future

Center courtGold Hush B/WShoplifters of the World UniteOperation Dark Knight

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