Your Father’s Oldsmobile

Your Father's Oldsmobile

An automotive relic originally erected for Marquardt Oldsmobile at 100 Old Skokie Rd. in Park City, IL; which later sold Volkswagens and Hyundais. The Marquardts have been in auto sales throughout Chicagoland since 1918, and to this day still operate a Buick-GMC dealership in nearby Barrington.

Passed by thousands as they exit 41 onto Washington: this lot changed hands at least twice following the Marquardt’s departure in the first half of the 2000s, but has been empty for over a decade, now – last seen as a short-lived (if not stillborn) part of the Bob Rohrman empire. Despite expanding the lot size to almost the property boundaries, and branding it as their “Used Car Superstore North”, I can’t tell if they actually opened it. Regardless, this now makes one of three vacant dealer lots in the immediate area owned by Rohrman – the other two being the former Gurnee Saturn next to the Mills, and a luxury used car lot at Grand and Oakwood, which tends to be open sporadically.

The sign – standing on the opposite side of the lot from 41 – dates to  sometime in the 1960s, and has been slowly withering-away alongside what has since become a quiet industrial road. The lower portion originally read: “SERVICE & BODY SHOP”, but was later modified to read “Hyundai – Volkswagen”.

Polaroid 250 Land Camera
Expired ID-UV

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