Spring ‘RoidWeek 2016

Last week I participated in Flickr’s ‘Polaroid Week’ (aka ‘RoidWeek) for the first time… meaning I actually caught wind of it beforehand, for once. This round happened to also be the 10th annual. It was finally an excuse to not just burn off aging film, but also to stretch my new-to-me 195 Land Camera‘s legs for the first time since it had been shelved by its previous owner in 1988 (the last pack of film, still in it and completely unused/no-good, was dated so). All packfilm images were taken with it, and I’ll be talking more about this amazing camera here, soon. The rest come from my trusty folding SLR’s.

Testing the portrait kit (rangefinder “goggles” from Polaroid Portrait Kit #581 and a +1 diopter filter mounted to a 45-49mm step-up ring) for my 195 Land Camera on my vaguely-amused pets. Used expired, but fridge-stored FP-3000B. This was also my first time using my Gossen LunaPro SBC, as I got sick of misreadings from the free app on my Android phone.Annoyed Glare Zilla the Moose

I wanted to burn the last of a bad batch of B&W 600 film from Impossible Project in my SLR-680 before leaving for a trip Sunday, so I cobbled this together for maybe an ArtWauk promo or something. I dunno, it was a midnight ‘fuckit’ moment. I had nothing but trouble with this film not developing right (note the dark streak on the right), and will probably be contacting TIP about it this week.Wauk & Roll

After work, I took a late-night ride out to nearby Niles to see the famous ‘Leaning Tower of Niles’: a 1934-built half-scale replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa which originally functioned as a water tower for a park owned by the neighboring Ilg Hot Air Electric Ventilating Company. It has since become part of of the Leaning Tower YMCA, and is currently undergoing restoration by the City of Niles – who has a sister-city pact with Pisa, Italy.

Half-second exposure at f/19. I cobbled together a DIY cable release for this camera (and my other Land Cameras) using pinsetter parts from my regular job – basically some silicon tubing that slips over the red #2 button with a drilled block of polycord superglued within it, and a tiny lock nut superglued atop it to attach any regular cable release. Figured it was a better option than dropping another $30 for the Polaroid version on fleabay, and it worked beautifully.
Leaning Tower of Niles

After a six-month drought, Great America opened for the start of my summer theme park binge. I brought out the OG SX-70 for this one, and shot Impossible current (soon to be updated) version of Color SX-70 film…

This first shot was taken atop the park’s legendary American Eagle roller coaster, and went kind of awry as I foolishly tried to keep the camera out, with the image shielded from light in a frog tongue, while hauling-ass at 66mph down a wooden track. I nearly lost my hat in the process, but fortunately the lady in the row behind me caught it in time. I finally had to pull the image from the camera and close it before I lost that, too – where it got exposed to the light and the colors washed out a bit.

Doubly Exciting & Twice the Fun, Since 1981

The remaining shots were taken safely on the ground, and I have to say this is some of the finest color film Impossible has ever produced. Managing the film’s trademark necessity to shield from light immediately upon ejection just a simple matter of letting it eject into one of Impossible’s clever frog tongue attachments, turning the camera over, and slipping the image into a film box – where it can develop for the critical first few minutes out of direct sunlight. On these three remaining exposures, I had a finished image within a half-hour that rewarded my patience with stunning colors, contrast, and sharpness. I can’t wait to see the refined version of this film, which is apparently due out in the coming weeks.

Pokemon Red & Yellow


This last shot is a pretty accurate representation of my brain on a total of four hours of sleep within a 48-hour period. I took a trip out to Los Angeles this day; following a midnight shift Friday, two-hours of sleep before heading to Great America all-day Saturday, clown-carr’ing both cameras and travel necessities between a backpack and carry-on by midnight, and napping another couple of hours before heading to O’Hare around 3:30AM to make a 6:00 flight that was only noteworthy by the screaming babies conveniently seated near me. Needless to say (despite the crazy-awesome day that eventually unfolded), by the time I reached my hotel after 7 that night: I dropped dead on the bed the minute I closed the door.

This is the underground tunnel to the United terminal at O’Hare – I was too lazy at 4:30 in the morning to dig any kind of tripod out of my carry-on, and haven’t decided whether to regret it or not.
Terminal Frost

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