RE: Discontinuation of Fujifilm FP-100C

An open letter to Polaroid, film, and medium-format enthusiasts…

fujifilm_15435626_fp_100c_professional_instant_color_18595On February 29, 2016: Fujifilm announced through its main Japanese website that FP-100C – the last peel-apart film compatible with classic Polaroid Land Cameras available – is ending production. Regional offices outside of Japan have not yet been given this notice. Our medium, whose equipment includes millions of Land Cameras and backs for medium-format cameras, is now at risk of complete extinction.

Petitions have been started, but every realist knows they’re fairly worthless in the corporate world. Do not stand-by and hope someone at Fujifilm corporate will see an online petition; make someone listen to our pleas. I encourage all to contact Fuji directly, and put the pressure on them to reconsider their decision.

I would not support Instax or Fujifilm at all during this period, beyond stocking-up on FP-100C, and FP-3000B where available. In recent years, Fuji seems to have decreased support for film more than it has shown interest, and the loss in recent years of FP-3000B, FP-100B, and FP-100C45 only supports this. Vote with whatever form of currency you use to keep our film alive, and consider every purchase of another Fujifilm product – by you, your friends/family/peers/occupation/etc. – as a vote against our cause.

The Impossible Project, Kodak, Lomography, and Ilford – among other companies who believe in film, and may see the niche market for this format – must also be made aware of our existence should Fuji (in all likelihood) stay their course. All are encouraged to also contact these companies directly, and urge that our medium not fall into total obscurity. The number of vendors selling refurbished and modified Land Cameras proves there is a niche, but tight-knitted market for this format.

Flood their inboxes; contact them weekly – daily if necessary – but BE PROFESSIONAL or you will waste their time and yours. Comments via telephone and snail mail are also encouraged – I will add them to this page once I locate them.



Tokyo HQ
Be sure to contact your regional office, as well




Share this information around wherever you see a relevant article or petition. Corporations are starting to listen to the internet – if America can revive soft drinks with Facebook pages, why can’t we save our film?

It’s do or die, now – this info needs to get out before machinery in Japan starts meeting the blowtorch.



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