“DIXIE SQUARE” Back in Development

dsmblock10 years ago a crew of retail, history, and cinema buffs going by the name of “Paw Filmworks” began a massive documentary project on the infamous Dixie Square Shopping Center in Harvey – the mall destroyed by Jake and Elwood in the 1980 cult-favorite: “The Blues Brothers”, and subsequently left to rot for the next three decades; plagued by the occasional half-assed demo attempt and arson. The goal was to produce a feature-length documentary film to be released to fans.

That film has been in developmental Hell since about 2008 or so, but its promotional videos and imagery were among the biggest inspirations for my own project documenting the final years of Dixie Square – picking up about where the documentary’s brainchild, Paul McVay, had left off in 2009, and continuing through the mall’s demolition in 2012. The “Dixie Square Timeline“, which Paul has graciously allowed me to continue hosting on this website, was originally part of that same project.

This week, Paul began a crowdfunding attempt to finally finish the documentary, and release it to DVD.

You can find the Kickstarter page here.


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