[jonrevProjects] announces its first gallery feature, that will show you downtown Waukegan from an extinct perspective…
Built in 1894 by renowned local masons, the F. Sauter Building – located at 37 S. Genesee Street, was best-known as the home of Stern’s Store for Men for nearly a century. Featuring red brick and ornate masonry with copper-clad turrets, bay windows, and exterior accents that in recent-years made it the poster child for Waukegan architecture: the landmark inspired artists of all generations and mediums amid the city’s booming Arts Revolution.

The unique building was, however, doomed by lack of maintenance in the second half of the 20th century. Its second and third-floor apartments were deemed uninhabitable in 1986, while Stern’s remained in business until 2010 – succumbing to the then-current economic recession and deteriorating structure. Four years, nine months later: the city acquired the property after an eighteen-month court process, only to immediately demolish it; its copper sent to the scrap heap, and its irreplaceable craftsmanship: damned to landfill.

Francis SauterExplore LOST WAUKEGAN
is a one-night exhibit hosted by the historic Karcher 405 Gallery, honoring the legacy of Waukegan’s lost icon that promises to be a night of complete immersion in local art, history, and adventure!

In his premiere gallery feature: haunting imagery by the [jonrevProjects] capture the dying breaths of a Waukegan legend, as he defies trespassing laws to take you on a forbidden journey inside the doomed landmark in the years and days prior to its tragic loss to time. It’s a rare and final glimpse of what was, and what could have been.

Karcher will also host the works of fellow artists inspired by the Sauter Building: Cesar Rea, and William Coleman; along with a number of historic artifacts from 37 S. Genesee on loan courtesy of the Waukegan Historical Society.

LostWauk runs November 21 from 5-10pm at the Karcher Artspace Lofts: 405 Washington Street in downtown Waukegan, and is part of the monthly ArtWauk.

Admission is free.

From Chicago: take I-94 to E. IL-120. Turn left at Glen Rock Ave., and right on Washington Street.

Alternately: take the Metra UP-N from Ogilvie Transportation Center to Waukegan; weekend passes run $7. ArtWauk and the Karcher 405 Gallery are all within a five-minute walk from Waukegan Station.

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