Cruisin’ 2015

A roundup of various fascinations at cruise nights and smaller car shows I attended this year; spanning May though September.

The opener in Gurnee featured a Euro-spec Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II with RHD. This was a 1977-1980 model, based on the headlamps – which saw suspension improvements and revised bumpers, though this one doesn’t seem to reflect the latter. The original model was released in 1965 as Rolls’ take on a more “modern” luxury car.
Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II


Some expired Impossible 600 color stuff from a show held at Lambs Farm. The car was an Alfa Spyder.
Dadi Sfocati

I rejoined the Mis-Shifts Car Club this year, but only made it to one of their new Thursday night cruises at Droopy’s in Winthrop Harbor.Harbor Plaza

The first night was packed, and featured a badass custom Ranchero with ’58 Edsel Ranger front and rear clips. I was told it was a 1960s build that has only had minor restoration work done, since…Dreadsel

My friend Bob swapped his Vette last year for an AMC Hornet. Since then I’ve seen more of them than I ever knew existed. AMC Hornet

This insane Triumph TR6 rides on a Pontiac G8 drivetrain. G8-powered TR655-56 Mercury MontereyMonterey HipsMonterey

Burning-through the old Impossible color stock at Zion’s Nostalgia Days, I lucked out and got a matching frame for this 57 T-Bird… Thunderbird

A 3000 GT VR-4: Mitsubishi’s bonkers all-manual, twin-turbo competitor to the Supra, RX-7, 300ZX, etc.; and the only one of the three to feature AWD and all-wheel steering. These cars were an early fascination of mine before moving onto Fieros, and it was nice to see one still relatively-stock.
Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4Trucks
195362 Pontiac Grand PrixGMC Sierra Classic 1500

There’s a first for everything, I suppose… Donkstang Nostalgia DaysPlymouth

The Mis-Shifts also host a Monday cruise night at Shirl’s Drive-In in Waukegan, near Lewis and Sunset, who arguably the best cruise night food I’ve had. A few oddities turned-up throughout the year; like this VW-based dune buggy. I believe the owner told me the fiberglass body was a barn-find… VW BuggyVW Buggy

I developed a thing for detail shots around July… Stars & Streaks// was a HaterR.E.'CadProwler

…and then my Fiero shit the bed. In late-July the timing got messed up so I had to limp it home after a show in Wauconda. A mess of other problems were discovered, and through August and early September I had alot of work done to the engine to get it halfway driveable, again. Currently I’m still fighting a misfire, but it will have to wait until wintertime – I got it to a couple more shows for the remainder of summer, but for the most part cruises ended for me that day. Bummer.

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