Cruisin for the Kids 2015

Downtown Grayslake’s annual charity car show, conveniently held within walking distance of my place, benefiting the Grayslake “Oasis” Youth Center. My Fiero wasn’t running its best, but still made it for its eighth appearance, having been here every year since the show was started back in 2008.

Weather was largely overcast, but comfortable – mostly good for black and whites and detail shots…SixteenGrand Sport
Saab 96The Cadillac of...

A 57 Plymouth Belvedere, being converted to a replica of the possessed Plymouth from an old favorite of mine: John Carpenter’s “Christine”.
Arnie, is that you?57 Plymouth Belvedere
Her Name is Christine

FratzogPlural of Fiero

A friend of mine had the idea of photographing the occasional dogs brought out to car shows…
Dogs of Car Shows I

Caprice WagonMCMLXIV CCC-K
A Little Higher

Finally, flexing the SLR-680 with some expired Impossible color stuff: Good hands... Bad taste in cars.Speed BlurCobra XVIGT

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