SCOOP 2015 — Saturday

(Be sure to read the Friday post, if you haven’t…)

Day-two of Scoop still saw the dicey weather of last year, but the rain held off pretty much for the entire classic car show on Genesee Street. Turnout for this year’s show was definitely up compared to last year, both in cars and attendance.

Genesee'VelleImperialGoat GrilleMotor WaukPinkRollsArt of Chrome53 Chevy

The great thing about Scoop is it’s a rather diverse show; you see both the usual 50s/60s/70s muscle, vintage imports, and a good dose of oddballs in-between. This next guy, though, was a mystery to me until I got home to Google it: a Brit-built Daimler SP250, one of a little more than 6,000 built from 1959-1964. Powered by a 2.5L V8 and featuring a fiberglass body: the car had the misfortune of being unveiled at the 1959 New York Motor Show only to receive both the “Ugliest Car” award, and a cease-and-desist by Chrysler over the car’s original name: “Dart” (whose trademark was owned by the Dodge division).

Daimler SP250 AE86 GTSAE86 GTS1979 Toyota Celica SupraNine-Eleven911FieroSlammerado

As usual, my SLR-680 was on prop-duty in the Fiero today; though I did bring an older pack of Impossible B/W to burn off. I guess I forgot how old the stuff really was, though.
Ghost of the ChiefThis Place is Weird
Chucky Goes to HellSouth Genny
1949And then there were none.

At around 3pm, just as awards were getting underway: nature delivered on the threat of rain, drizzling through the winners’ announcements before picking up literally just in time for the ceremonial ribbon-cutting at Genesee and Madison. I didn’t shoot much, as a result…Ribbon CuttingVolkswagenCook's301

Eventually the rain did break and I was able to give the Fiero some time on Genesee Street, but just to do a few passes with the camcorder for this year’s video – I’ll probably get working on that real soon. With that; that’s it for this year’s Scoop! This show continues to be thoroughly-awesome, and every season I probably look forward to this one the most. Can’t wait for next year!

Bonus exploring stuff…
Taken around CLC on Madison Street; the former Bell Company building is slated to be demolished in the near-future; I.E. whenever CLC gets their expansion plans underway. The Cold War-era fallout shelter sign is one of a few that can still be found in Waukegan; the others are on the Waukegan Building and at Waukegan East High School.For Whom the Bell TollsHot & Cold


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