Museum of Loot & Interesting: Wolf Droppings

Bang your head... metal health will drive you mad!!

The Iron Wolf was a standup roller coaster that operated at Six Flags Great America from 1990-2011. It was the first independent work of famed Swiss designers Bolliger & Mabillard, following their split from Intamin AG – it did, however, use Intamin trains. Over the years it developed a reputation for a rough ride, and was finally removed before the end of the 2011 season. Today it now operates as Apocalypse at Six Flags America, near Washington DC.


As it was dismantled, pieces of hardware connecting the track and supports landed in the nearby Picnic Grove – which had been transformed into Necropolis for Fright Fest – and were immediately scooped up by a few lucky parkgoers. I scavenged a nut from a nearby planter, and used a stick to drag the bolt and washer closer to the fence to reach it.

Three years later, Goliath was publicly announced on the still-vacant site of Iron Wolf; more pieces of hardware were found but thrashed-enough to not warrant pictures.

(Welcome back to the Museum of Loot & Interesting: a regular feature showcasing cool things found in abandoned buildings wherever that otherwise would have met a more-unfortunate fate…)

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