Museum of Loot & Interesting: Palace Theater film

(Welcome to the Museum of Loot & Interesting: a regular feature showcasing cool things found in abandoned buildings that otherwise would have met a more-unfortunate fate…)

Spent my 20th birthday at the Gary Palace Theater; unexpectedly got myself a present:

Jump a couple of years forward: new scanner, double the rez:

It’s believed that the guy on the phone is the late Jim Kelley, in the 1972 blaxploitation flick Melinda; which makes sense as the Palace shut down that same year, though I’m yet to obtain a copy and verify. I blew up the Intermission Time bumper to a 12×18″ print for one of the ArtWauks, and it looked pretty good until someone broke it and took off.

I also found a reel of audio tape up there… am yet to even attempt playing it, though.

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